BSM Treble Boosters, exclusively Handmade

Welcome to the fantastic world of BSM Finest Treble Boosters!

Hello, we would like to introduce our gorgeous Treble Booster machines, exclusively handcrafted by BSM for you. We hope you will enjoy your ride to a new territory of musical tone and flexibility. If you have any questions concerning our products, our tech-head and mastermind Mr. Bernd C. Meiser would be happy to talk to you. So don't hestitate any longer and send him an email to to contact him directly.

You can download a pictured short-info sheet with all available boosters, this will give you a complete first overview about our product range. You can also download a short text summary about all available boosters.

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New BSM Treble Booster

Black Box Booster

Here's the next strike from BSM: a powerful booster originally designed for medium output humbuckers, but works also very well with singlecoils. Bernd Meiser took the idea of Angus Y. playing not also live but in the studio with his Schaffer Vega device wireless system. Yes, Angus the "no effects" man used it as a booster/compressor to get his live sound on tape. Bernd did not make a simple copy of the circuit but came along with his own idea to realize the functions with silicon transistors. It is designed to hit the high treble input of a Marshall plexi hard. What came out is a real monster, working with 18volts. But we have to admit that it works very well with 9volts, just a little less monstreous. It also comes with a status LED. Because of the controls for preamp and output stages you can easily tame the beast!

Booster Details

RPA California II Special Booster

The "RPA California II" booster is the soul-mate of our California unit, complementing it with a different goal in mind. The new RPA California II now calls for the correct pickups. The California II makes use of the free space gained via a volume pot. This allowed for the opportunity to map Blackmore's tone even with small amps.

Booster Details